Welcome to the oldest Newsgroup search and Usenet reviews site on the internet. Our visitors have been searching for free nntp servers since before the internet was opened up to the general public. Today we continue to allow users to search for free Usenet servers and have also added commercial Usenet providers to our index.

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Search for a newsgroup that you are interested in. This search's results will include the newsgroup (or newsgroups) that most closely match your query as well as the Usenet servers which carry them.

Free Usenet Trials

You can get a Usenet free trial from many commercial Newsgroup servers. All of the links below point to Usenet servers that allow free test drives of their service. Giganews and Newshosting also provide free newsreaders that make setup literally take only a couple minutes before you can start downloading Usenet binaries.

Newsgroup Specials

I have made deals with various Usenet servers to get special prices for my users. Please read the following reviews to see what their offers are.

For a limited time Giganews is offering 50% off on their Giganews Diamond account for your first 3 months, a $45 savings. is offering a special monthly rate for the life of your account.
Newshosting is offering a special monthly rate for the life of your account.
UsenetServer is offering a special monthly rate and an amazing yearly rate for the life of your account.

Best Newsgroups Providers

There are many newsgroup servers that provide good service, but for the best service you should consider getting an account with a Tier-1 provider. A Tier-1 newsserver is part of the backbone for the Usenet meaning that eventually, all articles pass through them. To operate a Tier-1 Usenet server these providers must have multiple high-speed connections to the internet and they must maintain the highest reliability, redundancy and completion, not to mention they also have the best retentions.
Giganews has the longest retention and some of the fastest speeds in the newsgroup industry. The Giganews Diamond Account provides excellent, unlimited access for $14.99/month for the first 3 months, more than a $45 savings. Giganews Accounts provide an impressive list of additional features, including VyprVPN and the Giganews MIMO Browser.
Newshosting is the least expensive Tier-1 Usenet provider. All plans include a free newsreader to search, preview and download articles from their 110,000+ newsgroups. They also offer an unlimited account for $9.99/month that is only available from affiliate sites like me.

Latest Searches

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Newsgroup Browsers

Giganews Usenet has a newsgroup reader called MIMO Browser which works directly with their servers to provide fast searches for Usenet articles. You can buy their browser or use it for free with any Giganews account
Newshosting has recently released their Newshosting Client. The browser works directly with their servers to provide fast searches and thumbnails for Usenet articles and images. The browser is free to all new subscribers

Personal Privacy

This application helps protect your privacy while using Usenet and comes free with Giganews Usenet's Diamond and Platinum plans

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Free Usenet Server

XSUsenet has recently been showing up in a lot of my searches and I visited their site to find out what services they provide. The free account is not going to be big enough or fast enough to be your primary provider, unless you are less of an addict than me, but it does look like a decent backup, and could be useful to fill the occasional missing part from a binary. It has been a long time since I have had a free Newsgroup server with binary groups to talk about, and I wish them the best of luck.

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